Reiki Energy Healing


Reiki Session

The session begins with a conversation about what the client’s goals are for the healing. All conversations are held in strict confidence or the client need not disclose anything at all.

The client lays on his/her back, fully clothed, on a reiki/massage table and is made comfortable with blankets and pillows. Soft, relaxing music plays in the background. The client usually goes into a state of deep relaxation and may even fall asleep. All the while, the practitioner lightly places her hands on or over specific areas and energy centers of the client’s body and the healing energy flows.

The client may experience warmth or tingling or cool or perceive images during the session or may simply relax. Every person’s experience is unique.

The session ends with a gentle reawakening and sharing conversation about what the client and practitioner experienced.

Remote Session

A remote Reiki session allows the client to relax in the privacy of his/her own home to receive the healing energy. Remote sessions are as effective as in-person sessions. The client simply sits or lays down in a quiet room; feeling comfortable is important. A session begins with an introductory phone call or zoom meeting to discuss the client’s healing goals. The session can remain live with camera off/on or totally disconnect while the practitioner performs the healing – much like an in-person session, with focused intention on the client’s healing. The practitioner reconnects with the client at the end of the session to discuss the healing and answer questions.


My purpose is to assist the client with his/her own healing process in a safe, loving, and professional environment.





Sessions available in the central Maine area.